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systems in Chinese cities. The VBTC system is an upgrade from the current Communication-based Train Control System (CBTC), said Gao Chunhai, chairman of the board of the company.Most driverless metro systems rely on information sent from track control equi▓pment. "With the new system, metro trains will operate on image recognition and radar signal transmissions. This information is the eyes and ears ▓of the vehicles. The vehicle itself is an intelligent body," he said.Experts said the V2V system may fundamentally change the way metro transport is organized."Currently, metro lines run on fixed schedules. V2V signal systems facilitate con▓gestion control. For example, they allow trains to depart more frequently when there is a large number of passengers," said Wang Bo, deputy director of Beijing Transportation Information Center. "In the future, the process ▓of decision-making in metro system will be highly intelligent and dynamic."In China, the shortest interval between metro trains is one minute and 43 seconds on Line Four, one of the busiest lines in Beijing.Using the V2V system, the minimum▓ interval is 80 seconds."Compared with CBTC, the VBTC system coul

d raise passenger tr▓ansport capacity by 15 percent," said Yang.The system uses precision electronic components and has undergone thorough testing, according to test engineer Leng Wenjun.China's fas▓t-growing metro systems have spawned the birth of new technology. By mid-2017, 31 ci▓ties in China have metro systems, totalling 3,965 kilometers, according to China Urban ▓Metro Transport Association. By the end of 2020, this is expected to reach 6,▓000 kilometers.The 16.6-km Yanfang Line is China's first fully▓ domestically developed automated subway. It links the areas of Yanhua and Fangs▓han in Beijing's southwest suburbs. The line's trains are designed to run at a m▓aximum of 80 kilometers per hour.Beijing has 22 metro



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